How To Buy & Policy

1 . You can find information about the costs and various size options in the details for each art print.
To place an order, go to the “Send inquiry to order” form (placed under each project) or write to . Please include the following information in your request – the art print’s name, size, material and quantity. Feel free to use this form for any other questions you may have.

2 . Once you place a request regarding a particular art print(s), our team will get back to you within 24 hours via e-mail to arrange all essential details [such as delivery time, available shipping options, payment method, etc.] and/or any questions that might pop up.

3 . After confirming your order and receive your payment, we’ll proceed with printing and preparation. It takes up to 5 -7 business days for “Photo paper framed behind glass” and 5 – 10 business days for “Photo Print on Aluminium Dibond”, ready to hang.
Note: The indicated preparation period does not include the shipping time. Please note that, due to the current pandemic, there may be delays and restrictions affecting the delivery of your parcel(s).

4 . Afterwards, we are shipping to your address. We are shipping internationally from the following address: 62A, Belovodski Pat, Sofia, Bulgaria 1614.

5 . After receiving the digital art print, we would be more than happy to receive your feedback.

You can find information about the prices and various size options in the details for each art print.
Note: If the terms of sale do not specify another arrangement, the transport costs are calculated as an extra. Taxes and duties do not apply.

Bank transfer: We provide you with an IBAN to make a bank transfer. You’ll need to state the Order Number as the reason for payment.
PayPal: We generate an invoice via PayPal for the order you have placed, send the invoice by e-mail which includes a link to the PayPal platform where you can make the payment securely and seamlessly.


We offer worldwide shipping. You can further contact us to calculate the cost and time of delivery to your country/city.
– We provide a tracking number for each shipment. The tracking details will be e-mailed to you once the order has been shipped. Courier services are responsible for regularly updating their system and location.
– For international shipments, buyers are responsible for all import taxes or customs duties that may apply. Their costs are regulated by each country’s customs bureau and not determined or paid to us before delivery. We do our best to prepare all the necessary documents for trouble-free shipping of each art print.


In Bulgaria, we work with the courier companies Speedy and Econt. For larger purchases that require extra care and attention, we can provide our own transport within the city of Sofia.
Note: Shipping charges will additionally apply.

Carefully packed with multiple layers of packaging to ensure your purchase will be delivered in perfect condition.

PHOTO PAPER (unframed and no glass):
Prints are carefully rolled and shipped in sturdy cardboard tube-mailers.

Carefully packed with multiple layers of packaging to ensure your purchase will be delivered in perfect condition. Special corner guards are also installed to protect the surface from damaging.

Note: Additional charges may apply if you request a hard box, or other materials for trouble-free transportation.

We offer art print on PHOTO PAPER FRAMED BEHIND GLASS with a white or black wood frame. More on costs and sizes, you can find in the details below each work.
The works printed on ALUMINUM DIBOND do not need a frame, as they have metal rails (subframe) on the back and are ready for hanging.

As per your request, you can receive a certificate of authenticity attached to the purchased work by the artist Juliana Bratanova.

Copyright applies to all works of the artist Juliana Bratanova. Each fingerprint is under copyright protection.

The consumer owns the right to return the digital art print(s) purchased by us within 14 days, without paying compensation or hidden fees. The goods must be safely returned to us. Therefore, we kindly ask you to pack the art print(s) well so that it will be safely transported upon return. Your 100% refund will be processed once the goods have been successfully received. In case of a return, the transport costs are at your expense. If you decide to return the goods, it is necessary to contact us by email ( to receive, fill in and send back a complaint form, as well as to obtain the return address. Should your item be lost or damaged, you shall not be entitled to compensation. Still, we hope that there will be no such unhappy situations ;).