Juliana Bratanova
artist & graphic designer


an independent artist and graphic designer who breathes, thinks, experiment, search ART. My portfolio is backed by long years of experience in a variety of creative projects, both solo and in collaborations.
When it comes to my work, I’m all about fusing a grain of the digital, innovative art world with fine art which carries a whole lot of messages coming directly through the drawing itself. Thus, my most preferred technique is Mixed Media Drawing meaning that I initially use the strength of my freehand drawing and then master it with a digital touch.
Last but not least, one of my key aims is to support regional and international initiatives to protect the environment and the animal world through art projects. 


My work is the fruition of strong interest and deep analysis of the symbiosis between the living and non-living elements of nature, depicted by Mixed Media Drawing techniques. Further, I like to dissect visually the world I live and to illustrate the unique structures, shapes and DNA codes it offers, broken through the prism of my imagination. I focus on the potential relationship between different subjects and objects cohabiting. Just like a moment in a play, my subjective characters create a dynamic and surreal stage for the viewer to explore.
As a fine artist, I’d like to believe that my work captures and interprets the beauty of such interactive moments.


I am a crackerjack illustrator, graphic and brand designer, who has been creating effective visual identities for companies and causes of all sizes around the globe.
The professional path I’ve been walking on for the past decade, helped me to become a versatile, problem-solving warrior who strives to deliver an outstandingly creative solution at all costs.
CAPABILITIES: Illustration | Creative | Visual Concept | Branding | Web Design | Print Design | Retouching


2020 – International Business University | Digital Pro.bg
DigitalPRO | A certified digital marketing program
2014 – New Bulgarian University
Bachelor, Graphic Design
2000 – National School of Fine Arts “Ilia Petrov”, Sofia, Bulgaria
High school, Fine Arts


Creative projects and initiatives, mastering innovative instruments inherent to modern visual communication – illustration, graphic design, ambient advertisements and fine arts, different forms of experimenting and imagination stirring;
Developing charitable, social initiatives through art projects;
Start Up Projects – Looking for cooperation & development on fine art,  graphic design, illustrations and their application in the product industry;