Where did you hide your little restless artistic experimenter?

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." - Aristotle

I believe there is a small, passionate artist within all us, who’s dying to “go out” and create. For some people, this small zealous fellow is buried deep beneath already established patterns of behaviour and morals, daily routines, boring job, or simply for the sake of survival. Others simply ignore their creative self.
To me, art is the string that connects the artist with his creative inner self and reminds him of his greatest strengths, albeit for a moment. Namely, to be a discoverer and experimenter who can enjoy the process of searching himself. To be eager to find a different perspective and dissect it. To develop empathy and patience in understanding himself while experiencing the world around him. And most importantly – to create his own, a bit more unusual reality.

How do I do it, you may ask? Driven by the desire to always challenge myself (and ever-inspired by the Mother nature’s delicacy), I am on a mission to sketch, on one side, the subtle interconnections between humans and nature. And from the other side, to perpetuate the symbiosis of differences that creates the ultimate harmony in the world we are living in. Art is a magic which pushes us to explore, keeps us curious, and our minds – young. Sticking to this philosophy, I have also created works from the series “Realm”
My little artist invite yours to share what he had helped me to built on the surface.

Now, go for a walk, challenge yourself, lay in the grass…feel the Earth’s heartbeat…listen to what it tell you. It feels good, honestly.