Paper sketches meet the digital

"Old-school, eh? Very cool!"

When I’ve recently shared with a friend of mine that I prefer to initially sketch on paper and then master it digitally, he exclaimed: “Old-school, eh? Very cool!” It made me wonder if drawing on paper is an old-fashioned technique?
To me, there is no digital algorithm that’s able to replicate the uniqueness of the irregular graphite line placed on the porous, fuzzy paper, creating a unique line. I’d call it a perfect imperfection, which grants genuine authenticity. Digital instruments resemble drawing tools extremely well, but they can’t resemble those beautiful flaws. Right?

Thus, I’ve named the laborious technique I have been using in my latest artworks “Digitally mastered graphite on paper”.

Is being authentic already old-school? Well … I don’t know! But for sure, experimenting digitally with raw paper drawings makes me ecstatic! And even if I digitally correct some “mistakes”, I never forget there are also beautiful “errors” and that perfect lines and shapes can sometimes be too boring…