Art Experiences, or set your inner artist free

"Build relationships, not links." - Scott Wyden Kivowitz

During these hard times of pandemic and social isolation, where people do not just strive to save their lives, but also their souls, I would love to make you smile by presenting an inspiring lady and a dear friend of mine.
Minna George – an internationally renowned London-based fine artist. But most importantly, Minna is one of those souls that is so easy to connect with! A colourful person who never runs out of positivity, creative ideas, and an eagerness to help everyone express their artistic side.

Therefore, she founded ‘Art Experiences’ some years ago, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Through her one-of-a-kind project, Minna has the one aim to provide and make accessible the most excellent and most unique art experiences across the globe, for the discerning art lover or enthusiastic amateur.
I’d describe these experiences as ‘healing’ as they help people to detach themselves from reality, to feel free again and let their inner artist wander for a while. Especially now, when it’s so tough to stay sane and keep your creative side awake.
Dear Minna, allow me to quote you: “Many people struggle with art. They’ve had bad experiences at school or in stuffy, elitist art galleries, and so creativity is also tarred with the same brush. The belief that ‘I’m not creative at all’ is one myth that I feel passionate about busting. Creativity is as much about mindset as it is about the process, practice and the final piece you’ve created.”

Check the website of Art Experiences and what the team has been up to recently –

Art Experiences, or set your inner artist free
Art Experiences, or set your inner artist free